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Allergy and Airconditioning

August 24, 2014

Ice BergAir conditioning seems to make people ill in some way or another, but actually, the runny nose, watery eyes syndrome that looks like flu is actually our body’s natural response to the unnatural coldness. Air conditioned air is usually very dry without a humidifier, so the delicate lining of our nose and mouth could become cracked and dry. To prevent this, our body floods those delicate areas with mucus so as to prevent the tissue from drying out. Some people get nosebleeds in air conditioned rooms. Same reason why nosebleeds happen everywhere: a damaged inner nose lining.

As for spreading of diseases, most air conditioners have filters installed. Most of these filters are washable, net type filters, unless you are based in a commercial office center, where air conditioning is centralized. Net type filters actually work better when there is more dirt on them. For example, let’s say the gaps in a certain net filter is 0.001 mm. as muck builds up, less and less muck can go through, because the 0.001 mm gaps may have become clogged and gotten even smaller. There are only 2 reasons why these filters are to be cleaned: so that they look better and to increase airflow.

Headaches result in an airconditioned room because our warm blood under the scalp comes into contact with cold air. If this happens to suddenly, the blood will lose temperature, and depriving the brain of heat, cause headaches. It is the same reason for aching bones and toothaches. The principle is the same as trying to eat an ice lolly in one go. that numbing, searing pain you will get in your teeth is the same reason for the above mentioned problems.

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