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Body of Emotions

February 7, 2014

Misty Copeland - EbonyEmotions
From Energy Balancing

Emotion is energy in motion. Strong feelings we experience are an important aspect of health. They are the tools we use to create our existence. These emotions are normal and healthy when they are flowing. Our feelings affect the electromagnetic field that surrounds us. The body is like a giant circuit board. Every cell in our body responds to every thought we think and every word we say. The body is a storehouse of memory.

Emotions can change and slow down the vibration of life when they are negative and constant. When negative emotions are expressed, we give our power away. Continuous modes of negative thinking and speaking produce body behaviors where dis-ease will exist and advance. Shallow breathing and low blood fuel levels will also interfere with the flow of emotions. Holding on to negative emotions will upset the chemical balance in the body.

Feelings radiate certain vibrations. Positive thoughts create light airy feelings, while negative thoughts create heavy, dense vibrations. A common misuse of this energy is the constant verbalization of certain negative statements such as “I’m sorry”, “I hate” or “I’m afraid” which act as a mantra in reverse. So often we cannot see our mental patterns. We must become aware of these patterns which are constantly creating our reality. We must listen to what we are saying. It is important to separate our physical and emotional bodies from the belief system which has kept us in limitations. Our limiting beliefs are only thoughts and thoughts can be changed. Emotion will continue to have power over us until they are released and redirected. When these feelings are positively transformed we can create the future. At this point, healing is inevitable.

In the healing process, it is important to forgive ourselves and others. These are issues involving forgiveness in all families. Learning forgiveness provides the tools to break the chains of dysfunctional family behavior. Only when we forgive our elders, can we really begin to heal. Our emotions travel with the soul and never leave the family. By identifying and releasing false beliefs and traumatizing life experiences since birth, we take major steps to be free from emotional distress and negative compulsions. People who know who they are cannot be controlled.

The solution is to first get out of denial. It takes great courage to face the truth and to allow the intellect to flow through the heart instead of the mind. This heart connection can be a source of new information and inspiration. To begin to express these heart messages practice meditation. Emotional recognition brings new levels of awareness within the Self. With the spiritual understanding of this process of integration, this lifetime’s experiences will begin to make sense. As we consciously experience this process of healing, we can begin to understand our life purpose and the reason why. Our sense of security begins to be restored as we become a participant in creating our own reality.

When we transform our emotions, we activate certain strands of our electrical circuitry. When this occurs there is a dynamic awakening and energy shift in our physical and emotional bodies. This interconnectedness is required for us to experience the next global shift of consciousness we are now beginning to experience. The high quality of our physical and emotional vibration magnetizes positive experiences to ourselves and spreads the light to others. What we are thinking now is creating our future. Now is the time to activate our spiritual potential.

Emotions are stored in the body. When emotions are blocked they will vibrate to a corresponding organ system. Stress is felt in the stomach and intestines first. Emotions control the size of the small arteries and effect change in blood circulation. The emotional brain maintains the immune system and the body’s capacity for healing itself.

We all occasionally experience the emotions of sadness, anger, fear and frustration. When these feelings are kept inside, they operate invisibly for a time. Then these unexpressed feelings come to the surface. For example; sadness is expressed by tears, whether they are released or not, the tears exist. When the sadness is internalized and not expressed, it stays inside as moisture and swellings of the body occur, and weight is gained. These emotions, when habitual, are capable of starting changes in the body. Emotions are important and must be kept moving through the mind for wellness to be maintained. They only become a problem when they are not acted upon or held onto longer than necessary.

Language is the link between the body and the mind. Phrases like “that breaks my heart,” “it’s a pain in the neck” and “I just love it to death” hinder wellness and create imbalance. By listening to what we are saying we can eliminate dis-ease causing thoughts. Anxiety leads to fear, which is galvanized by conflict. Sadness rises when grief is held. Depression mounts when the view of the future is blocked.

Element Organ Expression Phrase Sound Surface Connection
Wood Gall Bladder, Liver Anger, Frustration “I hate…” Sighing Eyes
Release — hug a tree
Water Bladder, Kidneys Fear, Anxiety “I’m afraid.” Groaning Ears, Eyes
Release — trust in the Universe
Metal, Air Large Intestines, Lungs Guilt,Grief
Toxic Shame
“You know?” “Eh?” Weeping Nose
Release — plant a tree
Earth Stomach, Spleen-
Sympathy, Worry, Too Much Thinking “I’m sorry.” Singing Mouth
Release — hum a tune
Fire Small Intestine, Heart, Excess in any form,Too much fun luxury “I ate the whole thing.” Laughing Tongue
Fire Thyroid, Circulation -Sex Lack of joy,
Not enough
“Woe is me!”, “I’m depressed.” Blah Tongue
Release — visualize a rainbow

One technique we can use to release stuck emotional energies involves combining proper deep breathing, feelings and attention in a ritual of constant purification, When you find yourself locked into a particular emotional rut, quickly center and begin concentrating on deep breathing, which will act as a pump to keep the process moving, and to eliminate automatic thinking. The process can be delightfully enhanced with creative visualizations by picturing in your mind a column of white light or a field of daisies, breathing in a rainbow through the nose, etc. This activity will help to let go of the stuck thought. Our challenge as an individual is to create the conditions that allow the Universal Life Force to flow through us without hindrance.

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  1. What a great and timely article. Thank you for this excellent exposé.


  2. Great post, Emma.

  3. Thank you. I will try to post more on this as I find it very interesting myself. 🙂

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