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Auto-Immune Disease – Tips to Improve Health

June 17, 2013

Band AidWhat are some helpful tips to improve health and prevent Autoimmune disease?

 Maintain some type of periodic daily movement to improve circulation and lymphatic tissue drainage (“detox”)
 Maintain regular check ups
 Avoid excessive use of common anti-inflammatory medications used to treat Autoimmune diseases as they actually promote tissue degeneration when used on a chronic basis (if chronic use of these medications is maintained you will have fewer years of health as your body will degenerate faster).

Exercise and Diet

 Refer to Tips for Healthier Living
 Exercise helps improve circulation and lymphatic waste drainage (“detox”)
 Make sure to ask your doctor, pharmacist and/or nutritionist how you could better receive adequate nutrition necessary to build healthy tissue structures

What are some things you should avoid?

There are many things that you can do to increase your ability to adapt to the constant stressors present in everyday life. The following is a list of things that you could start to avoid in daily living that may prove beneficial in managing your condition and increasing energy levels:

Try to avoid the amount of known allergens, chemical irritants and harsh cleaners that you are exposed to on a daily basis as these substances may elicit undesirable effects within the body, via absorption through the skin, lungs, eyes and digestive tract.

Install air filtration devices in the home and working environments to decrease the amount of foreign compounds your lungs, eyes and skin have to filter out.

Limit your intake of stimulants and depressants as they disrupt neurological and metabolic function.

If possible, completely avoid hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils (trans fatty acids) commonly added to refined foods as they have well documented negative impacts on health and are actually illegal to add to foods in certain countries. These fatty acids will embed within cell membranes, particularly if consumed in excess quantities, negatively altering how your cell functions.

Limit your intake of refined sugars as excess intake of refined sugars can lead to abnormal fluctuations in blood sugar resulting in mood swings, lowered immunity and lowered energy levels (fatigue).

What are things to increase in your diet?

Increase your dietary intake of human probiotic cultures from reputable food and/or supplement companies, as “healthy” bacteria within your gastrointestinal tract aid in the proper digestion of food and produce B – Vitamins for your body to utilize.

Consume plenty of water, preferably purified, to assure adequate fluids are present for healthy biochemical interactions.

Consume plenty of more healthful whole foods such as berries and vegetables, which are loaded with phytochemicals (plant chemicals) and fiber helpful in maintaining health and digestive regularity.

Eat more slowly and chew your food more effectively to improve digestion of food. A decreased production of enzymes and HCL by the body as it ages and with certain digestive conditions results in a less than optimal ability to digest food, particularly dietary protein and fats.

Increase your dietary intake of cold water fish as they supply the essential fatty acid building blocks (gammalinolenic acid, GLA, and eicosapentaenoic acid, EPA) that are required by cell membranes to maintain structure and function.

Betaine HCL and digestive enzyme tablets or capsules should be taken with meals to increase your ability to breakdown food particles properly; this decreases the absorption of large foreign particles into your bloodstream that may provoke abnormal inflammatory, spasmodic and degenerative reactions (immune and/or non-immune mediated).

Some people may need to supplement a sublingual (dissolves under the tongue) or injectable form of Vitamin B12 as the absorption of this vitamin typically drops with age resulting in lowered ability to heal, or in more severe deficiency the development of pernicious anemia. Vitamin B12 depends on a substance called intrinsic factor that is produced within the stomach itself. Sublingual or injectable forms of Vitamin B12 circumvent the intrinsic factor dependence normally required for absorption.

How does physical activity improve health?

Make sure you maintain some type of movement each and every day, preferably low impact aerobic-type exercising such as walking, cycling or swimming, mixed with anaerobic-type activities requiring shorter bursts of energy output and strength.

Physical activity not only improves muscle tone and flexibility, it also increases blood circulation, lymphatic tissue waste drainage (“detox”) and improves gastrointestinal motility (“relieves constipation and bloating”)

Consult your Doctor if you plan to change your exercise routine significantly.

How does sunlight impact health?

Try to get a certain amount of sunlight whenever possible to improve vitamin D production by your skin and to help improve the release of biochemicals that may help to improve mood.
If you are unable to access sunlight on a regular basis you may want to purchase full spectrum light bulbs Chromalux® and Veralux®, available at many pharmacies, and install them in the primary living spaces of your home. Full spectrum light bulbs mimic natural sunlight’s healthful effects without its harmful effects.

Avoid excessive sunlight in the peak time period (approximately 10:00am – 3:00pm) to avoid sun damage to skin.

How can positive coping skills prevent disease?

Make sure you work at maintaining a positive attitude and develop your mental and emotional ability to adapt to changes in your life more effectively; this will greatly decrease the negative effects of stress and abnormal production of stress hormones associated with anxiety and lack of faith in one’s abilities to adequately cope.

Try to develop more effective forms of communication, particularly with people that may impact your life. It seems quite logical that failure to communicate the things that may bother you or the things that you desire, may inevitably result in suppressed feelings of anger, sadness, guilt, loneliness and anxiety; these emotions will all elicit a stress response, which exerts negative effects within the body.

Learn effective measures to help you relax and enjoy the simplest things in life; reconnect with family, friends, nature, animals, music, art and your own positive feelings…this will help you sleep more soundly as well.


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