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Sugar Handling Problems

April 22, 2013

Sugar 1What To Do For “Sugar Handling” Problems
By Dr Lynn Lafferty (2011)

Keep a Food Diary

•Take inventory of your food intake, cravings and energy
•Also mark energy: Does food make you hungry, make you tired or give you the energy you need for your activities

Keep a Diary of your Symptoms

Keep a record of symptoms and how they relate to your food intake
•Are you hungry between meals
•Do you get nervous and shaky when you do not eat on time
•Do you get irritable before meals
•Do you get fatigue that is relieved by eating
•Do you get headaches in the afternoon
•Does the heart palpitate if you miss a meal or it is delayed
•Do you get sugar cravings in the afternoon
•Do you get abnormal cravings for sweets
•Do you eat when nervous
•Does over eating sweets upset you
•Do you wake up in the middle of sleeping and have a hard time getting back to sleep
•Do you have a headache when you wake up?

Get Insulin and blood sugar levels both before and after eating

Put your body into balance:

•Herbs can decrease sugar cravings and help the pancreas
•Whole food vitamins can be taken to make up for deficiencies


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