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Addiction to Sugar

March 16, 2013

Sugar 6Understanding Sugar Addiction
The problems with sugar
by Samantha Rufle (2007)

In order to kick sugar, it is good to understand what it is and how it affects the body. 
All humans are predisposed to want sugar. Back when humans were hunting and gathering, sweet was a way to know things were safe to eat. Bitter told us to stay away. Even people who say they have a “salt tooth”- it really is a sweet tooth in disguise. They crave things like potato chips, pretzels and crackers. These foods cause the same reaction as sugar in the body because they are refine carbohydrates.

When you eat allot of sugar your body over produces the hormone insulin. The insulin reacts with the sugar causing blood sugar to drop. When your blood sugar drops, you crave more sugar. This is the cycle of sugar addiction.

Are there other factors that could contribute to sugar addiction?

Artificial sweeteners are a major problem. They fool your body into thinking that it is getting sugar. This can make your body crave the sugar even more. Artificial sweeteners also make it so you do not get used to the less sweeter flavor of natural foods.

High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), found in many processed foods, has replaced regular sugar in many products. It is six times sweeter than sugar. It does not act the same way as regular sugar in the body. HFCS does not stimulate insulin production, it is processed more like fat in the body. Some experts believe that it actually converts to fat faster and easier than regular sugar. It also could contribute to sugar cravings because if its super sweet flavor.

Alcohol consumption can contribute to sugar cravings. Many former alcoholics have intense sugar cravings because sugar acts very similar to alcohol in the body.

White flour, white potatoes, and white rice all convert to sugar in the body. These will all cause the high rise of insulin and the drop in blood sugar that leads to craving.

What health issues are associated to eating excess sugar?

There is the obvious disease- type two diabetes, that is closely linked to over consumption of sugar. Sugar causes inflammation in the body. Inflammation is associated with everything from acne, and wrinkles, to arthritis, and heart disease.

If you think that you have a problem with sugar, you probably do. Slowly eliminating sugar from your diet. Get used to the taste of the natural sweetness found in nature. This is the best strategy to a sugar free or low sugar diet.


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