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Blood Circulation

January 24, 2013

Vitamin B12 Deficiency Symptoms NetBlood circulation is the course the blood takes from the heart through to the arteries, capillaries, and veins and back again to the heart. Poor circulation is the inadequacy of blood flow to a particular area. Being aged over 50, certain illnesses, immobility, smoking, or obesity, are amongst many of the risks that increase the chance of developing poor circulation.

Normally seen in the hands, legs and feet, symptoms of poor circulation can be:
 Cramping of the buttocks, legs or feet
 Heavy legs
 Painful legs and feet
 Swelling in the legs and feet
 Tired, aching feet and legs
 Low temperature in your hands, legs or feet

How to improve poor circulation
Healthy Diet – Reducing your intake of sugar and fat will help to thin the blood, allowing it to flow easier through the body. Use herbs that are known to help with a better blood circulation in your diet. There is no need for peppers, as ginger, garlic and onions migt also do the trick. A balanced diet and increasing fibre intake will help the body remove dietary fat, thus further increasing blood flow. And, drink mineral water to keep yourself hydrated.

Hydrotherapy – Hot and cold Showers or Hydrotherapy is a good way of improving your circulation. When you get hot under a shower the blood rushes to the skin and feeds it. Then when you immediately put on the cold, the blood rushes to the internal organs. You shiver, but what is happening is that your blood is flushing out your skin and leaving it oxygenated. Then, again, a hot shower and the blood rushes from your internal organs, so flushing them, to your skin. This hot and then cold water can be repeated up to 5 or 6 times for optimum results. Do not start straight away on very hot or very cold water. Gradually increase the temperature difference between the hot and cold water over a period of a few weeks so that it is not too much of a shock to the system. You do not have to do this to your whole body, instead you can do this to a single body part, a hand, arm, or leg.

No Smoking – Smoking impairs the circulation of blood as it can cause hardening of the arteries and higher cholesterol.

No Stress – Stress may cause the body to divert blood flow from the feet and the other extremities, causing poor circulation in these areas. Relieving stress through exercise may help to improve blood circulation in the feet.

Exercise – Exercise promotes natural movement of blood through the legs and around the body. Gentle exercise like walking, cycling and swimming is an excellent way of improving blood circulation.

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